our Artisans

What started as casual conversations with locals during our humanitarian efforts transformed into a dialogue with artisans about the dignity of the people, the history in the handmade techniques and a desire to preserve the beauty of the craft. What became apparent very quickly- was the true beauty in the stories of the artisans and the uniqueness in the products they created with their hands.  It is a story we started to tell on a small scale and recognized we could do so much more if we expanded our platform.  We are embarking on this new journey with the artisans that started with us years ago- here is a glimpse into their stories and how we have come together to have a global voice.


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Sarah is an incredible seamstress residing in Ghana. She has been working with Mission & Movement for three years, gaining vocational training, designing gorgeous garments for her local community and inspiring our work as we move forward. Sarah spends her free time volunteering at the Peace Perfect School, our local project in Ghana, and enjoying her family. In Cheryl's most recent rip to West Africa, she was able to spend time with Sarah in creating new designs with the beautiful textiles.



Philip is an incredible creator and designer who unknowingly became the inspiration for two important philanthropic efforts.

It all started in 2011, when Philip approached Cheryl Pipia when she was in Ghana with another organization. The two connected immediately, and Philip proposed the idea of a possible partnership in the future. While Cheryl was laid off from her corporate job in 2014, she made a promise that, with her next paycheck, she would get Philip started on his business. What Cheryl didn't know at that time was that this decision became the inspiration for launching her City Chik on a Mission 501(c)(3) organization, which in turn became the basis for Mission & Movement.

With help from City Chik on a Mission, Philip opened up his shop in Ghana and began working with women and men in his community to design handbags, clothing and jewelry. The shop has become an important employment resource for the community and a place where artisans can share their talents. Not only that, but Philip has also become an invaluable ambassador for the power of making a positive impact at the local level.

Philip has a keen eye for design, color and fashion that encompasses both eastern and western influences. It's been an honor to start this next phase with him.