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Mission & Movement is a global humanitarian effort and a social cause company that encompasses a mindful approach to living life, giving back and creating change.


What is Mission & Movement

Mission & Movement is a global humanitarian effort and a social cause company that encompasses a mindful approach to living life, giving back and creating change.

We work with corporate clients, schools, brands and individuals to help create a method of doing good in the world that's empathetic, holistic, and most of all, sustainable.

People yearn to connect and feel with their whole hearts. Mission & Movement builds that connection.


What is the Mission?

Our mission is to ignite your passion!

Using the Socratic method of inquiry, Mission & Movement works closely with individuals and groups to identify their core values, goals and desires. By tapping into honesty and vulnerability, we define purpose.

From there, the path forward is formed.


What is the Movement?

The Movement is plan put into action.

Based on a thorough assessment of mission and passion, we work with clients to build a strategy for creating change. A strategy that is intentional, sustainable and focused on generating a domino effect of positive outcomes throughout communities.

The Movement is not simply making a donation or constructing a building. It's the act of setting into motion a powerful and long-lasting change in the world.


We are one world & one global family.

We are Mission & Movement.



Investing in education is a cornerstone of our approach and is critical in allowing us to support the future of the communities we serve. Through our field work, we've developed deep relationships with communities, students and teachers, and we love seeing their progress through regular Skype calls and in-person visits. Our local education work includes supporting the Shine Kibera school in Kibera, Kenya and the Peace Perfect School in New Akrade, Ghana, as well as underwriting scholarships for students who's wish to pursue education is hampered by financial strain or home obligations.


Community Development

It is our core believe that investing in community development is an indispensable part of allowing local residents to lead self-sufficiently and with dignity. We hope that by providing assistance and training, we can provide a path that respects individual cultures while building crucial skills, knowledge and motivation. Our work has included building libraries and daycare centers, supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs, and providing employment opportunities to local populations. The City Chic Kriations Bead Shop in New Akrade, Ghana is a shining example of these efforts. It has resulted not only in employment opportunities for local women, but has also been fertile proving ground for our future community development plans.


Vocational Training

Inspired by our global travels, we have grown an unending appreciation for the tradition of creating handcrafted goods that tell deep and personal stories. As time marches on, however, many young people are losing interest in the unique handmade traditions of their communities due to declining demand. We have found that by investing in the teaching and sharing of these vital traditions, we not only create beautiful work that redefines luxury on a global scale, but we also support these challenged communities and imperiled handicrafts. In our Ghana bead shop, for example, we teach community members about glass bead making, sewing, and the creation of handbags and jewelry.




Cheryl Pipia

For passionate social entrepreneur and respected corporate executive Cheryl Pipia, Mission & Movement is the culmination of years of devoted effort and meticulous planning that's encompassed her professional, personal and philanthropic endeavors.

Giving back has been part of Cheryl's DNA for as long as she can remember. At first that meant helping a neighbor in need, volunteering for Big Brothers Big Sisters and any other activity she could find to build a person-to-person connection and have a real hands-on impact.

When she entered the corporate world, she felt pressure to participate in giving back in ways that felt inauthentic. Fancy gala invitations and writing a check and intermittent committee work didn't satisfy her need to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty. She felt compelled to work with a narrow focus, say in education, when her desire to help was more vast, holistic and long-lived.

Around that time, she discovered volunteer vacations. Her first trip was to the Mother Teresa Home for the Destitute and the Dying in Lima, Peru, and it was transformative. From then on, she saved her money and devoted all of her vacation time to volunteerism.

While she began to build important relationships during these trips, it didn't take long to realize the model was flawed. On a trip to Ghana to build a school, the organizers said they ran out of bricks. How could this be possible when dozens of people had paid thousands of dollars each? It was infuriating and disheartening, and for the community she was supposed to be helping, it did more harm than good.

Cheryl knows that not following through on commitments when you're serving the most poor and vulnerable among us, destroys trust. It erodes confidence, robs people of their dignity, and eventually cripple's their ability or desire to help themselves. Over the course of her travels, she saw many instances of poorly or minimally executed programs that were actually damaging the very communities they were meant to help. She knew she could do better.

In 2014, Cheryl created City Chik on a Mission, her 501(c)(3), in order to lead global projects focused on education, community development and employment in impoverished areas of Africa. Her own "mission" was to create a grassroots organization focused on connecting with people in a way that respected their humanity, their dignity and their capability. Most of all, her approach — or her "movement" — was focused on implementing models that stay with people throughout their lifecycle.

Launching Mission & Movement has been a natural evolution that takes what Cheryl's learned from forming the City Chik on a Mission model and practices, and parlays that information into a life of conscious living and being that can be replicated by others. 

Currently Head of U.S. Intermediary Client Engagement at T. Rowe Price, steadily climbing the ranks in her corporate career has given Cheryl the skills, confidence and financial resources necessary to launch these ventures on her own. In all endeavors, Cheryl's path has been forged by leading from the heart and purposefully investing in this future vision.

Now more than ever people across all age ranges, ethnicities, income levels and industries are looking to live their lives with fulfillment and purpose. With hard-earned, hands-on experience in corporate social responsibility, philanthropy, employee engagement and more, Mission & Movement drives global impact built on passion and driven by sustainability.