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Mission and Movement is a different experience, a fresh experience, an honest experience, an experience that is for all.  An experience that comes in many forms but all gets to the one most fundamental questions- “are you living your life with purpose  - TODAY” .  Everything about Mission and Movement has been crafted with love and led from the heart.  My goal is simple reach people where they are and provide them the tools and avenues to live with purpose.




Mission & Movement in Action: Workshop Offerings for Individuals


Taking a similar approach to that used with our corporate clients, Mission & Movement offers four-hour workshops designed to unleash in individuals a personal passion for global change.

This program aims to help people overcome fears and barriers by tapping into vulnerability, bringing an empathetic mindset forward and integrating the perceived dichotomy of "corporate professional" and "compassionate being."


Workshop elements may include:

  • Leading with Empathy: No matter what sector you come from, the key for success is empathy. This module discusses how to develop and lead with empathy in all arenas.

  • Living the Mission & Movement Model: Focused on cultivating vulnerability and openness to things we sometimes don't want to see to drive impact both locally and globally.

  • Creating Culture: The old idea of work-life balance is outdated, but how can you transform your organization into a holistic enterprise that integrates work and life?

  • Sustainable Lifecycle: A 360-degree approach to determining and sustaining the lifecycle of giving programs.

  • Skill vs. Will: How to have impact by teaching skill to those with will and how to determine your ideal area of contribution.




Mission & Movement in Action: Social Responsibility

Mission & Movement's corporate offering is divided into three stages that allow maximum customization and the flexibility to move forward at your pace.



Stage 1 | Assess

The Mission & Movement approach is rooted in discovering passion through careful exploration. True giving comes from a place of vulnerability, which can often be scary. We're conditioned to be strong, to look away from suffering. But by acknowledging our vulnerabilities and finding our mission, we break barriers and unleash ownership, accountability and exponential possibility.

Stage 1 for corporate clients includes a full assessment, using the Socractic method, that defines the organization's mission, goals and purpose.

This stage includes a guided session of inquiry through questions such as:

  • What are your organization's core values?

  • What is the impact you want your organization to have in the world?

  • What obstacles stand in your way?

  • If you don't pursue this initiative, what would that mean to your organization?


At the end of this stage, clients will have a robust appraisal of their values and mission that is indispensable in building an authentic, effective social responsibility initiative in alignment with corporate goals.


Stage 2 | Plan

Once the Stage 1 assessment has been completed (the mission), our Stage 2 offering builds a framework putting ideas into action (the movement).

Mission & Movement works with an organization's leadership and employees to plan social responsibility programs that create successful outcomes, drive employee satisfaction and engagement, and allow employees to be their authentic selves both in and out of work. In this symbiotic state, lessons learned during the course of radical giving resonate in board rooms, and a thorough, businesslike approach to giving bears fruit in local and global communities.

This stage involves breaking down three to five main goals the organization wants to achieve and outlining opportunities, milestones and desired results that incorporate culture and values.


This isn't a one-and-done approach, but an ongoing strategy designed to evolve as implementation and change begins to happen. 


Stage 3 | Guide & Advise

For organizations that desire further Mission & Movement guidance and advisement for putting Stage 2 plans into action, the Stage 3 offering orchestrates a full-service approach to implementation.

Customized to meet specific organizational goals, this stage can include:

  • Guidance in leveraging existing networks and outside experts by emphasizing connectivity and collaboration.

  • Creating an internal dream team through staffing plans, job descriptions, hiring assistance and candidate vetting.

  • Development of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and performance assessment strategies.

By recognizing the power of both outside influencers and in-house champions, and by setting firm milestones and timelines, impact grows organically, and programs come alive.



Mission & Movement in Action: Ambassador Program

We invite individuals, schools and organizations to engage in Mission & Movement ambassadorships that allow participants to benefit humanity while committing to Mission & Movement's core values of empathetic, holistic and sustainable impact.

Mission & Movement ambassadors live the ideals of kindness and gratitude by creating profound change on both a local and global level.


Mission & Movement ambassadorships offer participants:

  • The ability to contribute to existing Mission & Movement projects or new endeavors that are aligned with the individual's or organization's ideal areas of contribution.

  • Advisement in launching their own social cause endeavors within the Mission & Movement framework with support from Mission & Movement experts.

  • The opportunity to build life-changing connections with people around the world reaffirming the fact that we are all one global family.