Mission & Movement, A Global Humanitarian Effort and Social Cause Company to Help Kenya Locals

Mission & Movement, A Global Humanitarian Effort and Social Cause Company to Help Kenya Locals

Article originally appeared in the Kenya Star on April 20th, 2018


BALTIMORE, MD – Cheryl Pipia, 43, head of U.S. Intermediary Client Engagement at T. Rowe Price in Baltimore, MD, is also the founder of Mission & Movement – a global humanitarian effort and social cause company whose mission is to connect corporations, brands, schools and individuals who wish to give back and volunteer.

While many people use their vacation time to travel to top destinations in Europe, the Caribbean or go on a cruise, Ms. Pipia has used her hard earned, three – four weeks of vacation time each year to go to impoverished parts of the world such as Peru, Ghana and Kenya.

As part of Mission & Movement’s upcoming project, Ms. Pipia will be travelling back to Kenya April 28th – May 19th, which will focus on three key areas: education, community development and vocational training. Part of her agenda will be to visit the Shine Kibera School to meet with students, recognize achievements and build a long-term plan around teacher sustainability; conduct home visits in some of the largest slums in Africa – Korogocho and Kibera where she will also evaluate daycare needs and water stations, as well as survey Kissi, Kenya for future school construction including new school classrooms, dormitories and computer science lab; and, visit with local artisans to explore partnership possibilities with vocational training and product development.

“During this trip, we will recognize Mission & Movement’s accomplishments and learn from the local communities how we can continue to serve,” said Ms. Pipia. “Our goal has been and will always be to assist these communities long-term. To be invited into their homes is one of the largest honors that could be received and the true impetus in having a long-lasting impact.”

In addition to working in the field in different parts of the world, Mission & Movement also offers workshops or consultations, which are available to corporate clients to assess and identify a company’s goals as to how to engage employees in volunteerism efforts and then implement the company’s “mission,” by creating a social responsibility/volunteerism program for employees to participate.

“Companies are trying to find the balance between social responsibility and the bottom line results in engagement and strategic initiatives,” said Ms. Pipia. “By engaging with Mission & Movement, we build the strategy in developing a social responsibility/philanthropic program for employees that becomes the fabric of the company culture. It is a critical component of employees being engaged and passionate with their organization.”

Beyond the corporate world, Mission & Movement also offers four-hour workshops for individuals who are looking to make a global impact -- workshop topics include: leading with empathy; living the Mission & Movement model; creating culture; sustainable lifecycle; and, skill vs. will.

Prior to Mission & Movement, in 2014, Ms. Pipia first launched a grassroots, non-profit called City Chik on a Mission, which is Mission & Movement’s sister 501c3 organization, in which she has conducted her field work in Peru, Ghana and Kenya. As a former resident of New York City, Ms. Pipia worked in corporate finance at BNY Mellon, Oppenheimer Funds, and Legg Mason. Not wanting to pick between her passion for her corporate life and her passion for her humanitarian efforts, Ms. Pipia decided to blaze her own path and spend her free time and personal finances doing what she loved – impacting the lives of others.

One of her first trips was to the Mother Teresa Home for the Destitute and Dying in Lima, Peru and was a life-changing moment for her in that she wanted to start her own non-profit to help those in need. Through City Chik on a Mission and her grassroots fundraising efforts, the non-profit built a school in New Arcade, Ghana, which consisted of 70 students and six teachers; raised funds to support the Shine Kibera School sponsoring two years of school rent and provided two scholarships for two students to pursue higher education – all through grassroots fundraising efforts, where Ms. Pipia connected students from Sacred Heart Catholic School in Palm Springs, CA, and her fellow colleagues from T. Rowe Price in Baltimore, MD, to raise awareness, build connections and target the funds towards the key areas of need. At the core is donor engagement.

Recognizing the interest from corporations, schools and individuals in her humanitarian efforts and the desire for these various sectors to have a holistic culture, Ms. Pipia found her balance between for-profit and non-profit. It all comes full circle with Mission & Movement and the work in the field through City Chik on a Mission. One hundred percent of all Mission & Movement donations go directly to its sister 501c3 City Chik on a Mission, to fund the various projects in Kenya and Ghana.

To schedule a workshop or corporate presentation, email Cheryl@missionandmovement.com. To interview Ms. Pipia to discuss Mission & Movement and its sister non-profit, City Chik on a Mission, contact Michelle Stiles at mpstiles@msn.com or call 631-708-9255.

Michael Molloy