Nothing is Impossible


"Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, 'I’m Possible.'"

— attributed to Audrey Hepburn


This is one of my favorite quotes attributed to one of my favorite icons, from both a fashion and humanitarian perspective. I grew up with parents who instilled in me a belief that the world is my oyster and that I could do anything I put my mind to. I always turned a deaf ear to the noise of societal norms. However, recently the noise is so darn loud. Not just for me, but for women and girls just like me in all corners of the world.

Like in many struggles, the first step is acknowledging. Therefore, today I acknowledge that I have witnessed it, been subject to it and have been down right dumbfounded by it. It shows up in the most ordinary and extraordinary scenarios, and it is often accompanied with some ancient societal norms. Of course, #me too. Every woman I know would say #metoo!

But, I am never one to talk about something without trying my best to make a change. So, here we go — It is time to redefine the modern woman, to embrace our power and to stand strong in leading the world forward. This moment is our call to action!

I am blessed to be surrounded by an incredible female tribe that is beyond diverse in backgrounds. As we enjoy glasses of wine or cups of tea — whether we were in a large cosmopolitan city, the slums of another country or in the rural villages of lands far away — there is a deep bond and a common thread that weaves all of our stories together. It goes something like this: We are resilient despite the obstacles; we love deeply despite the hatred; we are graceful despite the BS that gets thrown our way; we rise to the occasion despite those trying to suppress us; and we lead with grace through every knockdown we experience. We stand tall, unwavering in our belief that we do have the power to lead the change and to be the impact the world so desperately needs — all while not losing our femininity along the way.

The road to equality is ours to own, and we must feel compelled to change the conversation. Whether that is by how we redefine the modern woman or by calling out any day-to-day actions that try to minimize us. Every part of the world I have traveled has different challenges in this arena, but when I see our common thread, I get this feeling inside. It's a voice that yells, "WE’VE GOT THIS!" and therefore, I move forward leading my life the way I choose and being the change in the world I wish to see.


PS: I'd like to give a special thanks to my folks, who still believe their baby girl can change the world. It is that message of empowerment that makes me believe it too!


-- Cheryl

Cheryl Pipia